Welcome to Kennel of Spartans all new website!
 We are a small and upcoming kennel located in Central Florida.
 Our goal  is to breed thick bully style pit bulls. We also breed the traditional style game pitbulls with a little height and
not so compact. We understand that the bully style isn't
for everyone so we like to have a little bit of everything.
Our dogs are based upon top bloodlines such as Greyline, Razors Edge,Grayfox, DangerZone, 
WatchDog and etc... 

All of our dogs are pets before breeders.
We bring to the public the awesome Pitbull Temperament that we know and love.

D.o.g gets first place at his first U.B.K.C show !!!


All dogs are raised around children, friends
and family. Our puppies are UKC  & ADBA registered and come with health guarantees.

We breed for size, conformation, head structure, and bully style pits.
At no time will any of our dogs be sold for illegal purposes, we do not participate or promote any illegal activity regarding this breed, our dogs are bred  for show conformation and a family lifestyle .

Breed specific legislation is the immoral practice of banning and maliciously killing breeds that the media and politicians have glamorized as vicious and bloodthirsty. Essentially the latest manifestation of racism. Breedism is neither logical nor practical. It has NO basis in fact or in science. No research supports it. "They" say that these breeds are inherently dangerous and should be eliminated. How then, can we allow the human race to go on? I know not a dog
tha has pressed war against his neighbor, creating weapons capable of killing millions. All dogs are uniformly capable of viciousness, as are they capable of an unwavering and unrelenting devotion and passion fueled by the love they feel for there owner and companion. Take away that companionship and replace it with a cruel hand and you are left with a tortured soul who's only recourse is an aggressive temperment and an sad disposition. Don't hate the breed. Hate the deed. Punish those responsible not the true victims.



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